Review: Penthouse Man by Kea Noli

Genre:  Thriller
Published: September 15, 2012
Length: 110 pages
Source: (author) review copy
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“An evil sister. A lingerie party. A letter.
The Penthouse Man devastates five women.

The psychological thriller starts during a lingerie party in a penthouse on Sydney Harbour.

The party ends when Trix reads a letter from the Penthouse Man. A relationship between two sisters is destroyed.”


The first chapter of Penthouse Man intrigued me especially the first sentence. The story was being told by Trix, but I think the story was being focused more on her sister Steph. Like it said in the summary, it starts during a lingerie party in a penthouse. It’s also a story about two sisters (which are Trix and Steph) having conflicts with their company and of course, a boy. The book was really short and you could definitely finish this with one sit.

For the main characters, Trix and Steph, I didn’t really like them as a person. They were totally head over heels with Vell which is Steph’s husband. I know right! Why would Trix have an interest with her very own sister’s husband! That’s just wrong >,< Why would a sister do that!? That’s some crazy-ass sister. What’s even more crazy is that Vell loves Trix back. Wow what a jerk. And what’s the craziest part you ask? Is when dumb’ol Steph becomes desperate for Vell and she was just crazy! Vell straight out told her that he doesn’t love her but Steph was like “no! you still love me blah blah blah”. She was all in the in-denial process of a break up. The guy clearly didn’t want her anymore. There was a scene in the book where Vell tells Steph that he rather be in jail than with her. Tsk tsk tsk. She should build a bridge and get over it because she deserves someone who will treat her way, way, way better. But ever since Steph was a child, her mother puts her down especially for her love in singing. In a way I could understand why Steph was clingy to Vell; she didn’t feel loved, but still, she should just forget about Vell.

For the book, it was just too short for me. I feel like there’s more stuff that wasn’t covered in the book and things were left out. For example, how the company was built, how Steph and Vell met, and how Trix fell for Vell (or vice versa). More explanation could’ve been added and even though it was told from a first person point of view (Trixi’s) I couldn’t grasp her emotions. It was mostly dialogues which made it into a fast read. I guess me and the book didn’t really click but who knows, maybe you guys would; everyone has a different taste.

1 Response to “Review: Penthouse Man by Kea Noli”

  1. 1 brandileigh2003 September 24, 2012 at 8:54 AM

    Sorry to hear it was too short and that you didn’t really connect with main characters. Thanks for honest review, and hope your next read is much better

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