Halloween Giveaway! International


So guys, HALLOWEEN IS IN TWO WEEKS! While I was putting my bed sheets (lol) an idea just POPPED in my pink brain of doing a creative giveaway for Halloween! Here’s what the buzz is about:

in case you can’t read that purpleness, here are the rules: (I also added more details)

So how does this work? For every entry there will be CLUES of what the book is. Your mission is to GUESS what my missing book is and if you figure it out (by typing it in the rafflecopter) then you might just win the book! BUT of course other people would be guessing too SO DON’T SHARE YOUR GUESSES (; You can guess and/or tweet about the giveaway once a day. The winner won’t be the one who first guessed it. It will be like this: Once it’s Oct. 31, rafflecopter will select the winner and if that person’s guess is WRONG, I will select another winner until I land on an entry that has the right title.

Like it says there, every entry = one new clue

take the button loves(: link it on this post

Please if you don’t know what the heck I’m saying or if you’re confused, don’t hesitate to let me know and ask me to rephrase it for you (comment below). ❤ I’m really excited on this giveaway and I hope you are too mehehehehe.

Please read the Terms & Conditions located at the Rafflecopter. (I know no one reads the terms and condition but this one’s short!)

LET THE HUNGER GAMES BEGIN!… I MEAN HALLOWEEN HUNT. (((: more entries more clues! Twitter entries counts too



  • FIRST CLUE (FREEBIE) : Last letter of the title is ‘D’
  • 2nd clue: It’s young adult
  • 3rd clue: The cover has a girl
  • 4th clue: It can be found on Goodreads
  • 5th clue: I’ve never read this book before (BIG HINT: check my ‘READ’ bookshelf on Goodreads if I were you to eliminate some books…)
  • 6th clue: The author’s first name is Annie
  • 7th clue: Published on September 20, 2012
  • 8th clue: It will be in ebook format MEANING THIS GIVEAWAY IS AN ECOPY
  • 9th clue: it’s not a ya contemporary book
  • 10th clue: It’s more than 300 pgs
  • 11th clue: It’s less than 400 pgs
  • 12th clue: The book’s rating on Goodreads is a 4stars+
  • 13th clue: It’s a trilogy
  • 14th clue: It’s going on a virtual book tour soon in one of the tour blogs that I’m in (ehem check the sidebar)
  • 15th clue: The cover’s color isn’t one of the rainbow colors
  • 16th clue: It’s not about fairies
  • 17th clue: It’s not about vampires
  • 18th clue: The first word on its summary is “Like”
  • 19th clue: The title has the word “on”
  • 20th clue: There are 4 words in the title
  • 21st clue: It’s not ya fantasy
  • 22nd clue: It’s not ya mystery
  • 23rd clue: It’s not in a movie
  • 24th clue: The girl in the cover has her back towards us
  • 25th clue: The first letter of the title is a ‘T’
  • 26th clue: The cover isn’t black or white
  • 27th clue: The girl on the cover is holding a weapon
  • 28th clue: It’s the first book in the trilogy
  • 29th clue: The girl on the cover is wearing jeans
  • 30th clue: The book is about survival
  • 31st clue: It’s available on Amazon
  • 32nd clue: There’s no glitter or sparkles on the cover
  • 33rd clue: There’s not a guy in the cover
  • 34: The cover isn’t pink
  • 35: The last letter of the first word on the title is  a “G”
  • 36: There’s no number involved in the title
  • 37: It’s not about superheroes
  • 38: It’s nothing like Twilight x)
  • 39: I swear I’m gonna make the next giveaway harder because some of you already got it right >_< xD
  • 40: There’s no animals in the cover
  • 41: It’s not on Netgalley
  • 42: It’s not on The Book Depository
  • 43: The cover doesn’t have the color brown
  • 44: The cover isn’t plain
  • 45: There’s no “magic” involved
  • 46: It’s not based on true events
  • 47: The 2nd letter is “a”
  • 48: It’s about ZOMBIES (;
  • 49: It’s not Alice in Zombieland

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