Release Day: Exhale by Jennifer Snyder

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Published: December 2, 2012
Length: 303 pages

Inhaling in life is easy. It’s the exhaling—the letting go— that’s the hard part.

Katie Elliot has always known the Conner twins. For years she secretly pined after one, while playfully averting the advances of the other. Once upon a time, she was fine with that. Then came the moment when her twin of preference kissed her and changed everything.

As if realizing love can be complex—even when it’s reciprocated— isn’t hard enough, tragedy strikes, tearing Katie and the boy she’s always desired apart. Finding herself torn between love and guilt, Katie must learn when it’s acceptable to let go—when it’s finally okay to exhale.

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Kyle sauntered over to us with so much added swagger in his step that I thought it was beyond laughable. “Ladies,” he winked, as he placed his movie on the counter for one of us to ring up.

When Jane froze like a complete idiot, gawking at him like he was some celebrity or something, I shifted to the computer.

“A Cheech and Chong movie, really?” I asked, not surprised in the least by his less than stellar movie pick.

“Really.  After you get off, you want to come over and partake before watching this hilariousness?” He asked, leaning against the counter, his bright green eyes glittering in the fluorescent lights.

“I don’t think so,” I said, allowing my distaste for his recreational use of marijuana to lace my words heavily.

“Come on, Kat, just once.  It would be fun. Promise.” He wiggled his eyebrows at me suggestively and I felt my cheeks betray me as they heated with embarrassment for the second time in his presence.

“I’ll pass, Kyle.  Thanks for the offer though,” I insisted. “One night on this movie?”


“That’ll be $3.00,” I said, holding my hand out for the money.

“One of these days, my persistence is going to pay off and you’re going to say yes to me, Kat. When you do, you’re going to be so incredibly surprised by me and my charming ways that you’ll be kicking yourself in the ass for not saying yes to me sooner.” Kyle grinned confidently as he handed me five bucks from his wallet.

I smiled and shook my head as I got him his change.  Sometimes, he could be so freaking arrogant.  That was it, that was what turned me off about him completely—his personality. A person’s personality really played a part in their looks.  Kyle and Derek might both be drop-dead gorgeous guys, but their personalities were what made them so different to me. Unfortunately, for Kyle, I wasn’t into the whole cocky, arrogant guy thing. I was more into the quiet, reserved kind of guy.  Derek’s personality was definitely more to my liking.

“I doubt that,” I sneered. “Here’s your change.  Enjoy your movie.”

2 Responses to “Release Day: Exhale by Jennifer Snyder”

  1. 1 Amber December 11, 2012 at 6:09 AM

    I hope your parents see your post, too! 🙂 Great pick! This is a fantastic book! I hope you get your wish. Thank you for participating in the WInterHaven Books Sleigh Tour!

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