2013 YA Contemporary Challenge

This YA Contemporary challenge is hosted by Katie’s Book Blog. I’m super excited to join this challenge because I’m a sucker for contemporary books. I could always relate to them, and I enjoy reading contemporary books the most! Thanks to Katie for hosting this challenge! Bring it on. (: For more information check out her blog, and she even made a Goodreads group for this challenge (awesome!) click here.

Level 1: 5+ books
Level 2: 10+ books
Level 3: 15+ books (my goal)

You can read any contemporary YA novel that is published between January 1, 2013 and December 30, 2013 but you must read them in 2013! (All formats accepted: paperback, ARC, e-book)

My Progress
1. Uses for Boys by Erica Scheidt
2. The Capital Girls (Capital Girls #1) by Ella Monroe
3. Catching Jordan (Hundred Oaks #1) by Miranda Kenneally
4. The Wisdom of Hair by Kim Boykin
5. Wonder by R.J. Palacio
6. Rogue by Lyn Miller-Lachmann
7. Silenced (Silenced #1) by RaeBeth McGee-Buda
8. The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay
9. Confessions of an Angry Girl (Confessions #1) by Louise Rozett
10. Stealing Parker (Hundred Oaks #2) by Miranda Kenneally
11. Again by Brandy Jeffus
12. Uninvited (South Hills Sidekicks #1) by Meg Summers and Leah Spiegel
13. Pushing the Limits (Pushing the Limits #1) by Katie McGarry


3 Responses to “2013 YA Contemporary Challenge”

  1. 1 Katie B January 2, 2013 at 2:00 PM

    Wow! Looks like you plan to read a lot of contemporaries in 2013. I look forward to seeing what books you choose to read. Happy reading!

  2. 3 kristentarzwell January 2, 2013 at 11:06 PM

    Good luck sounds like fun! 🙂

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