Review-A-Thon Game #2: Guess That Blogger

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This game, Guess That Blogger?, is part of the Review a Thon mini games! Click here to know more information about the review a thon. Basically for this game, you’ll have to match up the correct blogger with the correct info. If you know which is which, leave your answers in the rafflecopter! In order to participate in this game, you must be signed up to the Review a Thon, otherwise your entry would not be counted. Before you start guessing, I’d like to thank these amazing bloggers who volunteered to share a fact about themselves! ❤ I truly appreciate it.


1. Read Books and Live Green
2. Crystal in Bookland
3. Weaving Pages
4. Italic Books
5. Icy Cold Reads
6. Reading is my Treasure
7. Musings of a Blogder
8. Eater of Books
9. YA Book Fever
10. Oh, Chrys!


a. “I am obsessed with fonts and puns!”
b. “I blog under a nickname no one calls me in real life.”
c. “I reorganize my book shelves at least once a week. It’s probably the cleanest part of my house!”
d. “I’ve written an original song based on the book Divergent where I also wrote the piano accompaniment.”
e. “I start all of my posts with HELLO EVERYONE!”
f. “I’ve never missed a day of school, since pre-k. No sick days, personal days, vacation days.”
g. “I can burp anytime.”
h. “I have seen USA for real but have not stepped a single foot into it.”
i. When I read, I have to read with a certain blanket. Even in 90 degree weather. Otherwise I get really distracted.”
j. “I don’t like coffee.”



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