Review: Elusion by Claudia Gabel and Cheryl Klam

12369550 Genre: YA Sci-Fi
Published: March 18, 2014 by Katherine Tegen Books
Length: 400 pages
Source: Katherine Tegen Books (ARC)

Soon, Elusion® will change the world and life as we know it.

A new technology called Elusion is sweeping the country. An app, visor and wristband will virtually transport you to an exotic destination where adventure can be pursued without the complications—or consequences—of real life.

Regan is an Elusion insider. Or at least she used to be. Her father invented the program, and her best friend, Patrick, heir to the tech giant Orexis, is about to release it nationwide. But ever since her father’s unexpected death, Regan can’t bear to Escape, especially since waking up from the dream means crashing back to her grim reality.

Still, when there are rumors of trouble in Elusion—accusations that it’s addictive and dangerous— Regan is determined to defend it. But the critics of Elusion come from surprising sources, including Josh, the handsome skeptic with his own personal stakes. As Regan investigates the claims, she discovers a disturbing web of secrets. She will soon have to choose between love and loyalty…a decision that will affect the lives of millions.

Suspense, thrills, and romance fuel this near-future story about the seductive nature of a perfect virtual world, and how far one girl will go to uncover the truth behind the illusions.”


I love this book SO much! I am proud to say that the story is as good, if not, better than the cover! Elusion is about a world (I am assuming is Earth) where it has gotten worse to the point where it’s raining acid almost every day. The people often wears an oxygen shield and have to carry an umbrella since the condition of their world is really bad. Since their world is full of devastation due to the climate, our main character’s father, who’s a genius, decides to create an app called Elusion where people can live a perfect life. It is written in first person in the point of view of Regan.

The world building is really good. I love how I really felt that the people in this world were suffering. The author didn’t just tell us that it was raining acid, or people had to wear oxygen shields. I actually felt like I was with Regan the whole time. I also like how Regan tells us that she had to wear her oxygen shield and open up her umbrella. Those simple details is enough to let the readers know that the world is really bad, and that it is such a hassle to live like that every day.  Although it is a sci-fi fiction, this book taught me to appreciate what I have today. While reading those scenes where Regan had to carry her oxygen shield and umbrella made me feel lucky because I don’t have to go through that.

What I also liked about Elusion are the characters. I just love how each of the characters mentioned in this book have great importance, and there not just those “extra” characters. Regan is such a strong person. Ever since the sudden death of her father, she acted as if she was the “adult” in the family. She often cheered up her mom who was depressed ever since her husband passed away. I also like Regan’s father. He’s just so awesome and smart! I love how he cares so much about the world. He explains to us in the book that he created the Elusion so that people can escape from their real life problems even if it’s only temporary. But ever since he was claimed dead, his protege (and also Regan’s best friend), Patrick, took over the company. Patrick was a very unlikable character for me, and that’s good that I felt that about him, because he was meant to be sort of the antagonist of the book. Although I did not like him as a person, I like his character because out of all the characters in the book, he is the most realistic.

Although I enjoyed reading Elusion, I had a few minor problems. I just did not like how Josh (Patrick’s best friend) and Regan did not know each other very well, yet, Regan trusted him like they knew each other since they were in diapers. I also did not like how sometimes the author would “tell” us what was happening instead of “showing”. I also did not like the romance. I thought it was a bit weird and irrelevant.

Overall, the few issues that I had with this book isn’t enough to make me dislike the book. I definitely recommend it if you love science fiction, mystery, and a fast paced book. Also, THAT ENDING THOUGH. I NEED BOOK 2 NOW! Major cliffhanger! I suggest you pick this book up right when it hits the shelves! Elusion was the cure for my reading slump that I had for over 2 weeks so I highly suggest you get it.

4.5 of 5

12 Responses to “Review: Elusion by Claudia Gabel and Cheryl Klam”

  1. 1 Emily January 20, 2014 at 2:47 AM

    I’ve not read this one, but you make me want to, Leigh!! 😀 I’m a little off Dystopias right now, but since this one helped you get out of your book slump, maybe it’ll be good for me too 🙂 I like great world-building, so I’m glad you said this one is excellent!! 😀
    Awesome review, Leigh!! <33

  2. 3 Pamela D January 20, 2014 at 9:28 AM

    As soon as I saw that cover I wanted it. It is so pretty. I am happy to hear that the book is even better!

  3. 5 Anahera January 20, 2014 at 2:32 PM

    I am absolutely in love with that cover, and I’m so excited to hear that there’s a wonderful narrative behind it too. Definitely waiting for this one! 😀

  4. 7 Francoise January 20, 2014 at 3:25 PM

    Woah this sounds right up my alley! I love Sci Fi so much so I must get my hands on this book. I’m so glad the world building is good because it is always crucial in these sort of novels. I love it when every character is important to the story because then you don’t have the useless side character who get left in the background. Disappointing the romance didn’t do it for you though…I hate it when it isn’t needed.
    Great review, looking out for this one when it comes out

    – Francoise @ My Crazy Bookish World

    • 8 Leigh (LittleBookStar) January 20, 2014 at 6:30 PM

      Yay! I really hope you end up loving it as much as I did. The romance could have been way better, but good thing it didn’t really take over the plot. The whole world is just unique and refreshing. Will be on the lookout for your review~!

  5. 9 Stephanie (Hopeless Romantics) January 23, 2014 at 8:37 AM

    This reminds me of Under the Never Sky and I love that series! I don’t know how I would deal with the cliffhanger though! Goodreads doesn’t even show a second book yet D:

    • 10 Leigh (LittleBookStar) January 23, 2014 at 6:49 PM

      Yeah haha b/c Elusion isn’t out yet. I seriously need that sequel right now. That cliffhanger was just grrrrrrr! You should have seen my face when I saw the acknowledgements. I was like NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Hmm it’s not really like Under the Never Sky because this book is more action packed and has a mystery vibe to it.

  6. 11 Alise (Readers in Wonderland) January 24, 2014 at 7:45 PM

    I have this one for review so it’s great to hear that it’s a good read. Now I’m much more excited to start it! Characters with backstory and importance are my favorites, and the world building seems like an awesome bonus!

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