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Review: Even In Paradise by Chelsey Philpot

20601687 Genre: YA Contemporary
Published: October 14, 2014 by HarperCollins
Length: 368 pages
Source: HarperCollins (ARC)

When Julia Buchanan enrolls at St. Anne’s at the beginning of junior year, Charlotte Ryder already knows all about the former senator’s daughter. Most people do… or think they do.

Charlotte certainly never expects she’ll be Julia’s friend. But almost immediately, she is drawn into the larger than-life-new girl’s world—a world of midnight rendezvous, dazzling parties, palatial vacation homes, and fizzy champagne cocktails. And then Charlotte meets, and begins falling for, Julia’s handsome older brother, Sebastian.

But behind her self-assured smiles and toasts to the future, Charlotte soon realizes that Julia is still suffering from a tragedy. A tragedy that the Buchanan family has kept hidden… until now.”


Yeah..this book…nooo… I did not like or enjoy reading Even In Paradise at all. I was so bored throughout the book. The only part I liked was the first 10% of the book and the last 10%. Other than that, I was DYING to finish it so I could move on and read another book.  I think this is the first ever YA Contemporary book I’m giving a 2/5 stars. I LOVE contemporary books; it’s my favorite YA category, so I was surprised that I did not like this one. The characters were just SO annoying especially Julia. She’s a senior in high school but acts like an annoying 5 year old. Charlotte a.k.a. Charlie (Julia’s bff) on the other hand was a push over. She was like obsessed with the Buchanan family which I found really weird. One call from Julia and she flies to Arcadia which is where the Buchanan family lives. Like, dude, what about your own life? Your own family? This book reminded me a lot of The Great Gatsby (there’s actually also a reference of TGG in the book) which I also disliked so maybe that’s why? I guess if you loved The Great Gatsby, then you’ll like this one as well.

I could not relate to any of the characters so there’s that…and I really disliked the Buchanan family. They always relied on Charlotte and treated her as their savior or whatever. Um. Okay… I also do not understand why Charlotte instantly became bff with Julia. They don’t even know each other! Charlotte just found Julia outside of her dorm, drunk, so Charlotte let her stay in her dorm, and next thing you know BAM they’re like inseparable sisters. One thing I did get out of (after reading the last pages of the book) is that people may seem happy and flawless on the outside, but they’re hiding something on the inside. The ‘secret’ stuff was kind of predictable too. The summary’s a bit misleading also because the mystery doesn’t really come up until the last few chapters of the book. Everything else in between were about Julia’s day to day life etc. Overall I don’t recommend this book. If I had to describe it in one word, it would be boring.

Review: (Don’t You) Forget About Me by Kate Karyus Quinn

18599667 Genre: YA Fantasy
Published: June 10, 2014 by HarperTeen
Length: 336 pages
Source: HarperTeen (ARC)

Welcome to Gardnerville.

A place where no one gets sick. And no one ever dies.

There’s a price to pay for paradise. Every fourth year, the strange power that fuels the town exacts its payment by infecting teens with deadly urges. In a normal year in Gardnerville, teens might stop talking to their best friends. In a fourth year, they’d kill them.

Four years ago, Skylar’s sister, Piper, was locked away after leading sixteen of her classmates to a watery grave. Since then, Skylar has lived in a numb haze, struggling to forget her past and dull the pain of losing her sister. But the secrets and memories Piper left behind keep taunting Skylar—whispering that the only way to get her sister back is to stop Gardnerville’s murderous cycle once and for all.”


If you didn’t know, I go into reading books BLIND. Meaning, I do NOT read the summaries before reading books. After reading the book, that’s when I read the summary…and let me tell you, I did not get the information that’s on the summary in the book. After reading Don’t You Forget About Me, I still did not understand what the “fourth year” was until I read the summary, and that’s really bad! The book should be the one that has the explanation of the world building, not the summary. For me, this book was just a hot mess. The world building was really bad because it was very confusing and lacked details. I think I could have enjoyed this book if the author put in more explanation of why Gardnerville, where the story takes place, is like that. Also, the main character, Skylar, is unreliable because of the pills she takes which just makes everything more confusing.

What I do like though is the sort of mind blowing ending. It kind of cleared things up a bit about the world and Piper but it was still lacking. I also like how the chapter titles are songs. I think it would be really cool to be listening to the song while reading that chapter (if you don’t get distracted easily).

Overall I just strongly disliked this book. I was itching for the book to end so I can pick up and read a new book (I hate not finishing a book I’ve started which is why I pushed through Don’t You Forget About Me). I did not care for the characters at all in this book because they just seemed flat to me. I also did not like how the story jumped from present day and then past. It wasn’t necessary in my opinion. The romance was also bad. This book is just very different. I think readers will either love it or hate it. I don’t recommend this book at all but if you do decide to pick this up just remember it’s not a fluffy read and get ready for a lot of confusion because of the weird puzzles the MC is trying to solve.

Review: Birthright (The Dark Gifts #1) by Willow Cross

Genre:YA Fantasy / Paranormal
Published: March 2, 2011
Series: #1 (The Dark Gifts)
Length: 226 pages
Source: (author) review copy
Amazon | Goodreads | Website

“For one-thousand years, Druid prophecies foretold of a young witch destined to alter the fate of both human and immortal alike. This witch-turned-vampire would be capable of harnessing the supernatural abilities of both and, in a bloody rise to power, would rule with unwavering control.

Unwillingly thrust into a world she never dreamed existed, Liz Markum is catapulted into an ancient war between rival vampire factions. She must choose between those she loves and the ever-present darkness attempting to devour her very soul.

Only one question remains: Will Liz claim her birthright or surrender to the dark gift?

One choice.

One chance.

Two destinies. “


So I was part of the Birthright tour during the month of October and unfortunately this book wasn’t my cup of tea and that is why I posted a teaser instead of a review during that time. I really like the cover though, it matches the plot of the story and it convinced me to read this book. Honestly the only part that was interesting to me were the first two chapters of the book. The rest had a lot of awkwardly phrased sentences and spelling mistakes. This book has potential, but wasn’t developed. There were great ideas that were left hanging and it moved quickly to a new scene. Also, I could see how the title fits the story since Liz was turned into a vampire but she found out that her family’s a witch, but the book is mainly about war.

For the characters, I couldn’t really relate to them. They all looked the same to me so I couldn’t distinct what type of person they were, meaning their personalities and characteristics. That really disappointed me because if you can’t relate to the characters then it’s like you’re reading space. If you can’t attach yourself to the characters then how can you even understand and like the whole story? Of course there’s romance between our boy and girl (Michael and Liz) but it was just like “We will be together forever.” “I love you.” “Nothing can tear us apart.” Now that wasn’t exactly from the book, but what I’m saying is they were just saying that to each other and not really showing that they loved one another. How was I suppose to believe that they really felt in love when they didn’t show it? There wasn’t any efforts and most of the time they were apart. It was only once or twice when Michael crossed in Liz’s mind and vice versa. For me, if I love a guy, then the guy would cross my mind like everyday because I miss him. Not in their lovey-dovey world. I don’t know what love means to Liz and Michael.

Overall this book left me very confused especially when the time traveling was thrown in during the middle of the story. Like I said, the author had some great ideas, but there was just something lacking so that the idea would actually attract the reader. I found myself most of the time pushing myself to read up to the end and sometimes I just fell asleep because the whole story was TELLING NOT SHOWING. You know what I mean? I also read other people’s reviews on Goodreads and I see that you will either love or strongly dislike Birthright. It’s up to you to read it, I’m not convincing or stopping you. I’m just stating what I got out from the book.

Until then guys! Check out the teaser here.

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