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August 2015 Wrap Up

wrap up

Here is my wrap up post for August which consists of all the books I read during this month as well as some blog updates, books I’m currently reading, and stuff that happened outside of my reading + blogging time.



Yass 10 books! I was planning to read more but once work and school started, I kinda go into a reading slump. I read some amazing books this month and I really enjoyed all of these books except for Adrift. Sorry, Adrift. You weren’t my cup of tea.


If you did not know, I have a new, fun feature on my blog where we can all get to know bibliophiles in the world! It’s called Behind the Books and the idea is to get to know book lovers through an interview with a mix of photography. Sounds like your type? Please feel free to sign up here and I’ll get back to you within 2 weeks!


My summer vacation officially ended this month, but I’m actually not sad at all lol. I was sooo ready to go to school. Being at home most of the time for 3 months SUCKED. So boring… Anyways, I started working this month and I really love it! All of my co-workers are super nice, and I enjoy completing the different tasks they make me do. School is also WAY BETTER than I expected in terms of work load. This is my 1st semester of sophomore year in college and it’s waaay easier than my 2nd semester Freshman year. I’m really surprised and happy at the same time. What’s crazier is that my favorite class this semester is my math class. I HATED math last semester (ew calculus). I’m taking Discrete Math this time and I find it fascinating 😛 (I’m such a nerd lol).

Behind the Books – A New Feature!


I am happy to officially announce a new feature on my blog – Behind the Books! Some of you may already know a little bit about the new feature through Twitter because I asked if anyone was interested in being featured, and I was ecstatic that more than 30 of you were game!

So a little bit about how I came up with the idea… I’ve noticed that a lot of bibliophiles love taking pictures of their books. Who wouldn’t?! It’s so hard to resist taking pictures of gorgeous book covers. I thought, why not combine an interview + photography since a lot of readers also post pictures of their books & bookish related items on their Instagram.

And so Behind the Books was born! Basically, participants will answer at least 4 interview questions BUT with pictures (and a short caption if you want).  I’ve been working on this feature since July and I’m just really excited to share everyone’s post! It’s like a bookish diary of all the readers! Well, at least that’s my goal – to bring everyone together and see a snippet of their bookish life.

If you’re interested in joining this project, please feel free to fill up this super short sign up form and I will contact you via email with the information & questions.

I’m really curious what you guys think about this feature. Is it something that appeals to you or not your cup of tea? Comment down below and let me know!



Wow this post is WAY overdue. So if you did not know, Yallwest is a 2 day bookish event that took place in Santa Monica, California from April 11-12. I just went during the first day and I was so excited to meet the authors because it was my first time to go to a book related event. Too bad I didn’t meet any bloggers, but that’s okay because I’m going again next year! Hopefully I’ll meet some of you 🙂 (maybe we could all plan a meetup!)

Yallwest was awesome because I met most of the authors I was planning to meet (Morgan Rhodes, Libba Bray, Lauren Oliver, and Madeleine Roux). The lines were long which is why I only got a few books signed, but I’m still glad! Too bad I didn’t explore anywhere else because I was there mainly to get my books signed and take pictures with authors. They had like food trucks, conferences, and booths but I didn’t visit any of them :(.

 Books I got signed!

Did you go to this year’s Yallwest? If so, what was your favorite part about it and which authors did you meet? Also, who’s going to Yallwest next year!? I know I am!

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