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Review + Interview: The Last Hybrid: Bloodline of Angels (The Last Hybrid #1) by Lee Wilson

The Last Hybrid: Bloodline of AngelsGenre: YA Paranormal Romance
Published: April 20, 2013 by William & Keats Publishing
Series: #1 (The Last Hybrid)
Length: 324 pages
Source: William & Keats Publishing
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When Hannah Sawyer dropped out of college after losing her scholarship she spent five years weaning herself of alpha males and alcohol, but when she decides to return to finish her degree she finds those things rolled into one in the intoxicating blue eyes of fellow non-traditional student Daniel Keith. What she soon learns is that her newfound addiction to Daniel impairs her judgment beyond any mixed drink a frat boy could have handed her. She should have left when he cut his arm with a car key to show her his white blood. Or when he had a run-in with a dark angel on one of their dates. But Hannah stays, entranced by this man who remains a mystery to her. Who or what is Daniel? And why does the small town of Spring Hill, Tennessee seem to summon his enemies? As romance lures Hannah further into a shadowy world most people never see, she realizes she’s gotten herself in deeper than she knew possible. And this time there’s no option of dropping out.”


Before you read this review, keep in mind that this is coming from someone who is NOT a big fan of paranormal books. Lee Wilson’s The Last Hybrid: Bloodline of Angels blew my mind! It’s very well written, it has A LOT of twists that will leave your eyebrows raising, and has an interesting plot. When I was reading the first page, I already knew that this one is going to be one of my favorites. The prologue was really intriguing and a bit scary which made me keep on reading.

It is written in 3rd person point of view and focuses on our protagonist, Hannah. She comes back once again to college in Tennessee, hoping that she’ll do much better in school. She ends up friending Erika, Anthony (Erika’s boyfriend) and Daniel. Unlike male protagonists in paranormal books, Daniel didn’t have that mysterious vibe which I LOVE about him. I really liked Erika’s character the most because she was the most realistic one and was funny at times. I love the relationship she shares with Anthony and how she dealt with the obstacles that they faced. Overall, the characters were well thought of although sometimes I think Daniel can be a bit of a douche. There is also love triangle which plays a big part in the plot so I was more than fine with that. This is also the first time where I was eager to know on who Daniel will end up with (Hannah or Natalie which is Daniel’s best friend since birth). I honestly don’t care about who ends up with who when I read, but I was really invested on the romance on this one.

There is seriously TONS of mystery and twists & turns from start to finish when you read this book. It seems like by reading the summary, it sounds like every other paranormal books, BUT it’s not. There’s MORE to it which surprised me! It will leave you at the edge of your seat and wanting for more. The plot is original and just plain amazing inside and out. Aren’t you already intrigued just by looking at the cover? It’s a new way to read about angels and other paranormal creatures. If you’re up for an action packed, fast paced and a fresh paranormal story, then this book is for you. I recommend Lee’s novel to everyone, especially if you’re a sucker for paranormal books (or not 😉 ).

4.5 of 5


Lee Wilson is an actor and writer who has been seen in music videos, television shows and movies. He’s worked with talented directors including Robbie Benson, Roman White, Trey Fanjoy, Zac Adams and Coe Douglas. Follow him on Facebook.

He’s been featured in music videos of songs by Alan Jackson, Brandi Carlile, Danielle Peck, Garth Brooks, Mat Kearney,  Phil Vassar, Trent Summar and others. Some of these videos may be seen on the Gallery page of this website.

Lee’s first supporting role was in a film called, The Harps (2009) in which he played James Bledsoe. Prior to that,  he held small roles in Billy: The Early Years and The Hannah Montana movie to name a few. More recently, Lee starred in the SAG film South of Southern, and multiple TV pilots in addition to accepting the role of “King Greyskull” in Masters of the Universe and its sequel (in post-production).


Q: The Last Hybrid: Bloodline of Angels is fantastic! How did you come up
with such interesting plot?

Thank you very much! I had a dream as a teenager about a Nephilim
<>  (as
I’m sure you know, that’s someone who is half angel and half human). In my
dream he faced interesting dilemmas due to his half-angel makeup. The dream
recurred a few more times and his love interest appeared.  In time another
love interest appeared who he had known his entire life and there was more
to deciding between them than meets the eye. That’s where the story stayed
until I finally felt I had to sit down and start writing around the year
2008. The story seemed to unfold in my head. It was as though I was just a

Q: When did you find out that you wanted to become a writer?

Third grade. My teacher constantly had us writing stories. She used it as a
learning tool in that she would have us write stories about things we had
learned in class. For example, if we learned about space, we had to write a
space adventure. If we learned something in math, we had to write a story
about raising money for an invention. The details are a little foggy, but
she had us write tons of stories and I loved it! Especially the sci-fi ones.
I’ll probably end up writing one of those in time.

Q: Would you rather be an angel, a vampire, or a hybrid?

At this point in time, a hybrid. And some scholars think that the Bible
suggests we are all a little bit hybrid. Who knows?

Q: Are you currently working on another book?

Yes. The sequel to “The Last Hybrid: Bloodline of Angels.” The first two
chapters will be available for free in a couple of months or less (sign up
at to get the two free chapters the
day it’s available).

Q: You’re also an actor! Could you tell us a little bit about your
experiences in the film world?

My acting work is mostly in TV pilots that are held up in network
considerations at the moment and SAG films that are still in festivals. Then
there are music videos of Alan Jackson, Brandi Carlile and others that
probably shouldn’t be considered acting. I’ll be on an episode of Swamp
Murders on Discovery I.D. in July. I see it as story-telling as I do

Review + Interview: Avenging Amethyst (Immortal Eyes #1) by Kaitlyn Price

Avenging Amethyst (Immortal Eyes, #1) Genre: YA Paranormal
Published: January 21, 2013
Series: #1 (Immortal Eyes)
Length: 280 pages
Source: author (review copy)
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Avery and her mother have always been on the run. After her mother is murdered by something supernatural, she is left to fend for herself, alone and filled with questions. She receives a note by a stranger, giving her the opportunity to get some answers, and Avery warily accepts. She would rather face the truth than continue to be on the run.

What she discovers is nothing like she could’ve imagined. The stranger’s name is Felix, and he’s part of a race of creatures called Lovac. He tells Avery that she is a Lovac, too, and that they’re the distant descendants of the ancient vampire Nosferatu, along with two other races—the Nesmyr and Zhulik.

However, the Lovac are doomed to insanity, and nearly all of them lose their minds in their early twenties. The only way to be saved from the curse is for a Lovac to find their Dimidium, the one creature that can calm the darkness.

Nightmarish visions, kidnappings, and a lifestyle she never knew existed consume Avery’s life as she begins the search for her Dimidium and to get revenge for her mother’s death.


Vampire books are not really my favorite types of books to read, but this one was just awesome! Avenging Amethyst is about Avery and her mother always making a run from Lucas, a Zhulik, the oldest vampire and Avery’s father, until one day the mother dies. Now Avery plans on getting revenge on her father and to whoever killed her mother. At first I was kind of worried because at the beginning there was a bit info dumping. It wasn’t confusing though, it was just abrupt.

I really enjoyed reading this book! It was a fresh vampire read because I’ve never read a book that had different vampire races. In this book there are three races: a Zhulik, a Nesmyr, and Lovac. In Avery’s case, she’s a Lovac because she is a half Zhulik and half human. Zhuliks are kind of like the bad vampires, and the Nesmyrs are the good guys and has two different classes: an upper class and a lower class. Also, the characters were awesome especially Avery. She’s not one of those annoying protagonists, and she has a kick-ass personality going on. The romance was just fantastic and I love the twist on it! Yup, romance twist, go read this book now!

The only thing I did not like was how sometimes some of the character’s mood quickly changes. It wasn’t a smooth transition. A minute ago they’re happy then after about five seconds they’re raging with anger. There were also a few glitches (typos etc.) that could be fixed. Overall it  was really an enjoyable and fast paced read with tons of action, a very interesting plot, and lots of blood. I recommend it to everyone and for those who are a fan of vampires.

4 of 5


Kaitlyn PriceKaitlyn lives in Colorado with a house full of crazy animals.

She is a huge fan of vampires, and while they might be overdone, she will still continue to write about them and read any vampire book she can get her hands on.


 Q: Describe your book in 3 words.

Hmmm…. Dark, Vampirey Awesomeness? (I really suck at describing things in 3 words.)

Q: How did you come up with the storyline?

The three different vampire “species” kind of came from Vampire Academy. I loved the idea of different kind of vampires so I made up my own.

Q: Do you have a favorite chapter in Avenging Amethyst?

I like the one where Avery gets to use her power for the first time and kicks everyone’s butt.

Q: Who is your favorite author and did that person inspire you in some way?

My favorite authors are actually adult romance writer’s (Lynsay Sands and Kresley Cole), which is strange since I read and write primarily Young Adult. I just love both of the world’s they’ve created in their paranormal books and someday I hope to be as successful as they are.

Q: Are you currently working on a new project? Perhaps the 2nd book in the Immortal Eyes series?

Yes! I wrote the first draft to a first book in another series before I started on the second in the Immortal Eyes. I’m currently halfway through the second in this series and am also working on another new project. So, I’ve got about 3 books planned for (hopefully) sometime this year.

I’ll definitely read the second book. Thank you so much for your time Kaitlyn!

{Tour Stop} Transfusion (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter #1) by Nikki Jefford – Review + Interview + Giveaway

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Buy Link: Amazon

Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter (Vol. 1: Transfusion )

Genre: YA Paranormal
Published: December 9, 2012
Series: #1 (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter)
Length: 242
Source: author (review copy)

If there is one thing eighteen-year-old Aurora Sky wants, it’s to get off the iceberg she calls home. Being kissed before she graduates wouldn’t hurt either.

Then a near-fatal car wreck changes everything. Government agents step in and save Aurora’s life in exchange for her services as a vampire hunter. In Alaska. Basically she’s a glorified chew toy. All thanks to her rare blood type, which sends a vampire into temporary paralysis right before she has to finish the job… by hand.

Now Aurora’s only friends are groupies of the undead and the only boy she can think about may very well be a vampire. And if he’s a vampire, will she be forced to kill him?

For ages 16+


I really enjoyed reading this book! It was kick ass of course since our protagonists are vampire hunters. Aurora Sky is our 18 year old protagonist, and when the story starts out, she isn’t a vampire hunter…yet. Aurora was crazy, independent, and kick ass. Sometimes her craziness annoyed me though (how crazy she acted with Fane, her boyfriend). I do like how she wants to do things her way and she does not let her mom get in the way. Fane is a kick ass too and the bad boy type, but when it comes to Aurora, he shows his soft side which I think is cute! There is also a twist about one of the characters which I kind of figured out almost halfway through the book, but maybe some readers won’t & will be surprised. Who knows.

The book is fast paced with a lot of actions which made me hooked on to the story. I just don’t like books that drags on. This one did not! *Claps* The only thing I did not like is I feel like the information that there was such thing as vampires was presented too rapid and too fast to take in. The information was thrown in like someone just snapped their finger and *boom* vampires existed. More facts could have been said in the book (how they came to Earth, Alaska, etc.). I do like Aurora’s reaction and how she took in and accepted that there were vampires. She didn’t just accept in immediately. You could see how she progresses with the idea that there is a vampire and she has to kill them. Also I wish more vampire killing took place, but she was still a newbie at killing vampires, so maybe the 2nd book has more of that stuff. I do recommend you all reading Aurora Sky. It was a good read and you’ll like it, especially if you’re up for some vampire slaying story!

3.5 of 5


Nikki Jefford is a third generation Alaskan who loves fictional bad boys and heroines who kick butt – especially ones who go by the name of Buffy. She is the author of the YA paranormal romance trilogy SPELLBOUND. Nikki married Sebastien, the love of her life, while working as a teaching assistant in France. They now reside in the not-so-tropical San Juan Islands, 70 miles northeast of Forks, Washington.


Q: How is Aurora Sky different from your other books?

Unlike Spellbound, there’s no magic in Aurora Sky. Aurora has to rely on her toxic blood and brutal force for protection. Aurora Sky is also a cross-over from YA to New Adult and will lean more toward NA as the series progresses.

Q: Why did you choose Aurora Sky to take place in Alaska?

I was determined to eventually to set a novel in my home state. Vampires love the cold and dark. It made sense that they’d flock to Alaska.

Q: If you wake up one day as a vampire, what’s the first thing you would do?

Drink blood – straight from someone’s vein. The vein of a willing subject, naturally. 😉

Q: Do you have a favorite vampire movie/show? If so, what is it?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer! My Buffy withdrawals are what inspired Aurora Sky.

Q: What are your top 5 favorite vampire books?

I am more of a fantasy buff, but I did enjoy ReVamped by Ada Adams, Vaempires: Revolution by Thomas Winship, and Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice. I’d really like to check out the Night Huntress series, as well. I’m keeping my eyes out for more vampire reads. Suggestions? 😉



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