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Book Feature + Excerpt + Giveaway: Rush (The Game #1) by Eve Silver

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Genre: YA Sci-Fi
Published: June 11, 2013
Series: #1 (The Game)
Length: 361 pages

So what’s the game now? This, or the life I used to know? When Miki Jones is pulled from her life, pulled through time and space into some kind of game—her carefully controlled life spirals into chaos. In the game, she and a team of other teens are sent on missions to eliminate the Drau, terrifying and beautiful alien creatures. There are no practice runs, no training, and no way out. Miki has only the guidance of secretive but maddeningly attractive team leader Jackson Tate, who says the game isn’t really a game, that what Miki and her new teammates do now determines their survival, and the survival of every other person on this planet. She laughs. He doesn’t. And then the game takes a deadly and terrifying turn.”

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There’s a flash of light, blindingly bright. Colored haloes obscure my vision. They dance and flicker and then disappear, leaving only a rectangle of light boxed in by the dark doorframe. I see then that the door’s gone and in front of me are people. No…they aren’t people. They have limbs, hair, faces, but they aren’t human. After the first glance, they don’t look even remotely human. They’re pure, painful white, so bright they throw off a glare. They look like they’ve been dipped in glass, smooth and polished, but fluid. And their eyes…they’re a silvery color, like the mercury in the antique thermometer that my mom used to have at the side of the front porch. When I was ten, I knocked that thermometer off with my wooden kendo sword, shattering the glass. The little blobs of mercury went all over the porch. I was a kid. I didn’t know better. I touched them, prodding the little balls until they joined the bigger blob. My mom swooped down on me and snatched me away, telling me it was poison. It could kill me. I stare at the things in front of me: the Drau. I can’t look away. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remember Jackson talking about Medusa. Don’t look at their eyes. Their mercury eyes. They’re poison. They will kill me.

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Signed copy of Rush. US & Canada only.


{Tour Stop} Shadow of the Mark (Carrier of the Mark #1) by Leigh Fallon – Book Feature + Giveaway


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12543750 Genre: YA Paranormal
Published: July 9, 2013
Series: #2 (Carrier of the Mark)
Length: 320 pages

It has been foretold that a relationship between two Marked Ones could lead to untold catastrophe and disaster.

Megan and Adam are determined to defy the risks.

While Megan evoked the air element, and her feelings for Adam intensified, a web of lies, deceit, and betrayal has been spun around her.  With the Order tightening its hold, and the reinstatement of the Mark Knights, Megan has more questions than answers as the Marked Ones grow in strength. 

New people arouse suspicion, the DeRises start behaving strangely, and Megan begins to unravel a destiny shrouded in mystery.  It’s a destiny the Order has struggled to hide, and a destiny someone from the past…far in the past, has already laid claim to.

Alliances will be made, and friends will be lost, as the Order’s dark secrets are revealed by the very thing they sought to destroy.”


I started out life in South Africa.  A year later my parents moved home to Dublin, Ireland.  When I was older and realized my parents had moved me from exotic Durban, to sedate Rathfarnham, Dublin 16, I was rightly ticked off.  I fantasized about the amazing life I could have had in South Africa, and that fantastic accent that could have been all mine.

Instead, I got myself a fine Irish brogue growing up in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains where I went to a convent school and had to contend with uniforms, gabardines, and nuns.

During college I met a dashing sailor who swept me off my feet, all the way to Cork in the south of Ireland.  I worked in corporate treasury and traveled Europe doing all sorts of fun finance stuff.

When I had my children I decided to take a career break, and soon discovered a love of writing.  That career break became a career change when I wrote my debut novel, Carrier of the Mark.

I posted Carrier of the Mark on a HarperCollins website called inkpop.  Within weeks it was voted into the top five books of thousands on the site, and was reviewed by a HarperTeen editor.  Two months later that same editor offered me my first publishing contract.

My husband swept me off my feet again, this time in a westerly direction, we landed in Massachusetts, USA, where we now live with our four children and one double pawed cat.


Grand Prize Winner will get:
– 1 Autographed ARC of SHADOW OF THE MARK
– 3 SHADOW OF THE MARK Bookmarks
– 2 Buttons for each book
– 1 Irish Bookmark
– 1 Postcard for each book
open to US Only

1 Runner Up will receive a $20.00 Gift Card to Amazon or B&N, their choice!
open internationally

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Tour Stop: ReVamped by Ada Adams – Review + Spotlight + Giveaway

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Genre: YA Paranormal
Published: February 20, 2012
Series: #1 (Angel Creek)
Length: 291 pages
Source: (author) review copy

A simple mission turned deadly.

Nineteen-year-old vampire Dawn has led a sheltered life within the confines of her father’s presidential headquarters. Upon being sent on a mission to revamp four goofy misfits into guardians of a peaceful little town of Angel Creek, Dawn believes that all her dreams have finally come true. What starts off as a simple task, turns into something unexpected, changing Dawn’s life forever and leading the action-loving, thrill-seeking vampire teen on a path of mystery, danger and intrigue.

When a human girl is kidnapped by a group of rogue vamps, Dawn discovers that there is more going on in Angel Creek than meets the eye. And it all connects to Ethan, the cute newcomer who seems too perfect to be true, Sebastian, the mysterious vampire with a turbulent past, and even Dawn herself. Dawn must not only succeed in revamping the troubled recruits, but must also prevent the vampire race from being overtaken by a malevolent villain who has a strange and obsessive fascination with her. As threat escalates, romance blooms, and ghosts from her past begin to surface, Dawn is sure of only one thing: her life will never be the same.”


Holy vamps. Seriously one of the BEST vampire books out there. It took me two days to finish it because it was just well written, and I felt like I was part of their world. I read this book without reading the summary or any reviews. Well, I saw a couple of bloggers on Twitter saying how much they loved it, and that was pretty much it. I went into this book without knowing anything except that it was about vampires. ReVamped is told from the female protagonist’s point of view, Dawn, a 19 year old who is the daughter of the vampire U.S. president. That’s right, a vampire U.S. president. Being the president’s daughter, he was very protective of her, and in this book, Dawn was given her first mission from her father, which is to recruit the 4 new guardian vampires of a town called Angel Creek. This book is where people and vampires live together, but with a couple of rules. There are two kinds of vampires, the one BORN and the ones that were MADE.

I love how the characters didn’t sound anything alike. They were all unique and had their quirks which made me laugh at times. They all had an interesting background which made me surprised. I really liked Dawn‘s character. She was realistic which made her relatable. What I love about her is that she doesn’t complain; she thinks positively no matter how hard or complicated the situation is. Sebastian‘s character was mysterious, snobbish and he often has mood swings, but there’s an explanation of why he is like that. Trust me, you won’t hate him. Ethan was just cute! He’s a bartender (or a waiter?) at a restaurant at Angel Creek who Dawn first meets. He’s so adorable and I actually want him to end up with Dawn. Yes, there is a love triangle, but it’s not one of those annoying love triangles just to have a love triangle in the book. The romance rocks! I love how it didn’t took over the story.

Now, the MisFits. These people are totally hilarious. They are called misfits simply because at first Dawn didn’t think that these teenagers that she recruited fits to be a guardian. I don’t want to go over these characters because I want you to find out their personalities as you read it. Brooke, a cheerleader recruited to be a misfit, might be annoying and stupid at times, but she adds humor to the story.

Although I enjoyed reading ReVamped, there was one thing I was confused about in Brooke’s past. I don’t understand how she was able to stay in high school since 1900’s, I believe, without getting caught? Don’t you need paperworks for transferring to a different school? Weren’t they able to catch her repeating her high school years? I also thought if people and vampires live in the same world, then how come vampires didn’t have their own school? Those are just some of my questions that were never answered, but I still loved the book! I definitely, highly, extremely recommend this to everyone especially if you’re looking for a fresh vampire read.

4.5 of 5


Ada Adams“Many people sing in the shower. I write scenes in my head and act them out.”

As a writer and an actress, Ada spends most of her days immersed in imaginary worlds. Much like the kick-butt female characters she enjoys writing about, Ada is a martial artist with a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate. She is also a big proponent of lifelong learning and has attained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (it aids in creating characters with unique quirks!) as well as a Masters of Science in Education.

Ada began her writing career at the age of three (with a string of short stories that only a mother could love!) and has been inventing quirky characters and imaginary worlds ever since. She is an editor-in-chief of VEUX Magazine ( and a passionate advocate for the arts. A self-proclaimed book and TV junkie, she also loves animals, chocolate, and bubble tea.

Ada lives in Toronto, Canada. When she is not writing, you can find her on an adventurous nature hike with her puppies, Caramilk and Oreo. Or, more likely, deep in a jar of Nutella.


Prizes: 2 winners will receive a print copy of Revamped by Ada Adams.
1 Winner will receive a Signed Copy of ReAwakened by Ada Adams.
1 Winner will receive a Poster and Bookmark of a Surprise Art by James Vallesteros.
10 Winners will receive One bookmark of a Surprise Art by James Vallesteros.



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