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BlaBlaBlack Sheep {Discuss #19}


I have not composed a discussion post for quite some time, and I was thinking, what’s a good topic to talk about that I have not read a lot on? Then, I realized how I’m such a black sheep in the blogosphere. I really wished that wasn’t the case because honestly, I feel left out sometimes. I think some of the stuff I am going to list out here will shock you because a lot of you are the opposite of what I am going to mention.

1.  I don’t fangirl. (Unless we’re talking about Across the Universe / Harry Potter)

I don’t know why guys. I just don’t.

2. I have not read popular book series

This includes Harry Potter (except the first book), The Mortal Instruments (I’m most likely not going to read it), Vampire Academy (except the first book), The Maze Runner, Throne of Glass (will do in the future though!)

3. I don’t get overly excited over book releases.

Which means I don’t pre-order books (I’ve never in my whole 18 years of existence pre-ordered a book), track down which books are going to be released, etc. I don’t really have a book I am anticipating for. If I feel like reading it, I’ll buy it, if I don’t, then I don’t. I don’t know why guys! This is so sad. I wish I was excited as you guys for the books that are going to be released. Of course I’m happy for the author that his/her book is finally coming out, but that’s it. I don’t go on Twitter saying “OMG *THIS BOOK* IS FINALLY HITTING THE SHELVES” or say “I’VE BEEN WANTING TO GET MY HANDS ON THIS EVER SINCE THE BOOK COVER WAS UP ON GOODREADS”. Sometimes, heck, I could even just wait for it to come out in paper back. That’s how long I could wait for a book.

4. I love contemporary books!

Again, unpopular opinion over here. I think most bloggers love fantasy or paranormal books, but my heart goes out to contemporary books. Most of my favorite books are contemporary because I could relate to the characters easily and the stories are just amazing.

5. I don’t ship any fictional characters

LOL y’all are probably looking at me weird. It’s true! If you asked me who I ship, my brain goes *crickets*. I like Tris and Four from Divergent, but I don’t ship them. For t.v. shows, I only ship two couples which are #CaptainSwan and #RumBelle (if you watch OUAT, you know who I’m talking about).

So yeah! Were you guys surprised? Are you a black sheep too?

A Perspective on Binge-Reading {Discuss #18}


Honestly, I feel a bit jealous when other readers say “oh, the final book is coming out! Now I can just binge read the series!” Some people make it sounds so easy, but binge reading is very difficult for me because no matter how good the book is (i.e. Harry Potter) it is almost impossible for me to binge read a series because after reading a book from that series, I want to just take a break from that world and read a different book. No matter how awesome the world is, I just want to step back and experience another setting.

I wish I was one of those readers who can easily binge read a series. I think binge-reading is good because after reading the first book, you can read the sequel without forgetting important information from the first book.


I’d like to know your thoughts on binge-reading! Do you like it? Do you have trouble binge-reading? If so, why?

Classics, Why So Pretty? {Discuss #17}


Besides young adult, I also enjoy reading classics (no joke) and this is all because of all the English classes I have taken in high school. So last week (June 5th) I was browsing at Barnes & Noble’s Classics Collectible Edition and I was just mesmerized by all the beautiful, leather bound covers. I decided to buy like 6 of them haha. I kind of got carried away. After ordering them, I went on YouTube because I wanted to see how they really looked like. I knew that they all did not have the same height, but I didn’t care! THEY WERE ALL PRETTY. Then, I saw this one youtuber who had the Penguin’s edition of the classics and UGH, they had pretty covers as well! They have a lot of  collectible edition but these two are my favorite: Penguin’s Hardcover Classics & Penguin Drop Caps. My crazy side says COLLECT THEM ALL and the logic side of myself says TOO EXPENSIVE (unless I win the lottery which is close to impossible lol). Also, I want to collect them (at least one edition) because the beautiful covers just motivates me more to read classics (especially the long ones)! I can honestly stare at them all day #noregrets.

So here is my question for you… have you ever had that debate with yourself whether you should collect the awe-looking, hardbound classics (or any type of book/series)?

Penguin Drop Caps Deluxe Hardcover

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