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Book Feature + Excerpt: State of Emergency (Book #1) by Summer Lane

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PictureGenre: YA Dystopian
Published: January 18, 2013 by Writing Belle
Series: #1
Length: 336 pages

What would you do if the world as you know it ended in an instant?
How far would you go to survive?

Cassidy Hart is your typical High School graduate: A little shy, a little sarcastic, and a little naive. But when an electromagnetic pulse takes down the United States, she’s forced to kick into full survival mode when she gets separated from her father.
Yeah. Things suck.
But with the help of a handsome soldier named Chris, she just might find her dad without getting into serious trouble.
Emphasis on might.
Oh. And there’s the matter of avoiding getting killed in a world that’s quickly turned into an active war zone.
It’s going to change Cassidy’s life.
It’s going to be a major pain in the butt.

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I don’t know how it happened. Nobody does. There are only theories, empty rhetoric and doomsday prophecies. None of them are right, but none of them are completely wrong, either. They all have a grain of truth. All I know is where I was and what I was doing when it happened.

The day had started out like every other day of my life. I hit the snooze button on my alarm about five times before dragging myself out of bed. I combed back my unruly red hair, threw on some clothes, and went into the kitchen. As usual, my dad hadn’t gone to the grocery store, so breakfast consisted of burnt toast and a teaspoon of olive oil.

Because fatty acids are supposed to be healthy for you.

And because there’s nothing else to eat in my house except a can of string beans from 1999.

Being nineteen, graduated from high school and unemployed, I didn’t have much to do besides surf the internet looking for interesting stories and reading my stack of books from the library. Lately I had applied for a multitude of different jobs, including a flight attendant, car washer and hotel manager. Needless to say, none of those positions panned out.

I’m more of the independent type, getting paid by my dad to help him out with his job as a private detective. He’s been letting me poke around in his cases since I was a freshman in high school. I’m good at it, too. Criminal justice, that is. I even wanted a degree in it, but since I’m flat busted broke and stuck in a two-bedroom home with an empty refrigerator, my options are kind of slim.

Anyway, after I looked for a few jobs online, I closed my laptop and started cleaning the house. My dad and I lived in a small house in the outer suburbs of Los Angeles. Culver City, to be exact. It’s about ten minutes away from Hollywood. The land of spray-on tans and yoga classes.

It’s a nice place to live as long as you don’t drive about five miles in the opposite direction. In that case you’ll end up in the middle of a ghetto. A visit to the grocery store might end up becoming a drive-by shooting.

Unsurprisingly, I’m an introvert.

So that day, that regular, average day, turned out to be a day that not only changed my life – but everybody else’s.

It was the day technology turned on us.

It was the beginning of a major pain in the butt.

{Tour Stop} Naked As We Came (The Cassidy Tomei Chronicles #1) by Amberly Wynn – Book Feature + Excerpt

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Genre: YA Sci-Fi Romance
Published: January 21, 2013
Series: #1 (The Cassidy Tomei Chronicles)
Length: 395 pages

Sixteen-year-old Cassidy Tomei was one of the lucky few airlifted aboard the Wonder to the planet Nyx. This emergency exodus from Earth was meant to bring new hope for the remaining survivors of humankind, but there’s one problem. Humankind isn’t alone on this mysterious new planet. 

On Nyx, Cassidy is one of many living amongst subzero temperatures and with nothing, but a meager ration of food for every household. When the rations deplete, she flees to into unfamiliar wilderness in search of food, but instead discovers debris from a foreign spacecraft that proves humankind is no longer the dominate species. 
Soon, everything she knows is at stake and everyone she loves is dead. But she’s got one more battle to fight when she’s taken prisoner within Pelhoi, a concentration camp constructed specifically for humans where hominoid creatures dubbed, “the Achillai” reign supreme.
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Tariq’s screams wake me.
I jerk up in a daze, colliding headfirst with the frame of the top bunk. The whole wooden bed trembles in rhythm with Tariq’s thrashing body. It wouldn’t surprise me if he rolled out of bed and hit the floor. Poor kid. This is the third cold he’s had this month.
It’s no wonder why. The fire is a smolder. Nothing but ashes burns in the belly of the furnace across the room. He’s probably freezing to death up there.
“Cassidy, are you up yet?” Mama shouts. Her voice quavers from the other side of my bedroom door when she knocks. She’s catching a cold too.

We’re all on the same schedule for cold season this year. It’s not unusual these days. Born and raised in southern Arizona, none of us have gotten used to planet Nyx’s everlasting winter. But it’s a sacrifice we had to make to keep from perishing on Earth with the others.

{Tour Stop} The Game by Shane Scollins: Review + Excerpt

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Genre: YA Thriller/Suspense
Published: March 2013 by Limitless Publishing
Length: 297 pages
Source: author (review copy)

No matter where you are, they’ll find you, and put you in “The GAME”.

Candice Laguna’s life is being systematically dismantled, by an unknown force, for a
reason she can’t imagine. But she is about to become the unwilling star of a reality game
competition the likes of which has never been broadcast to the world.
Just when things get darkest, a mysterious man snatches her from the grips of doom.
He is a man who is not what he seems, and not who he says. He has no name and his
motivation to help Candice is not what it seems to be.
But his selfishness has good intentions, he just wants to know who he is and where he
came from. And getting to the man orchestrating this reality game is the only way to find
the truth.
THE GAME is a mystery/thriller with an unpredictable paranormal twist. It has action
and adventure and plays up the everyday exploitation of reality television obsession gone


I really enjoyed reading The Game! At first I thought it was about the characters getting put into a maze which is the game, but nope! It was a fresh read because there was a lot of unique things going on especially with Lukas’s character, our protagonist. The beginning was super uber intense and terrifying! It starts out with this person who creepily butts in to Candice’s life. I was just like “who is this creeper!? How did he know Candice’s number? Who the heck is he?” It was just like a movie playing in my head. Even if it’s a young adult book, the characters seems mature. It’s written in 3rd person point of view and it switches perspective between Candice, our 19 year old protagonist, Lukas, and the third perspective is sometimes the antagonist or another character in the book. What I also like about this book was the actual “game” scene. Oh my goodness. I wish I had popcorn with me while I was reading those scenes because they were just suspenseful and scary! I wish the game lasted longer though, and it’s not because I want to see the characters suffer, lol, no!
What I was kind of iffy about was when I got to know more about Lukas and his situation. Even though his character was well thought of, I feel like his situation didn’t really fit the whole game thing, especially the ending. The last couple of chapters were kind of leading into a new plot and new type of story. But I think some of you will like it though. While there is the whole game thing going on, we also get to see who Lukas really is. Another thing that I was “so-so” about was the romance. It was alright to me, and kind of cheesy sometimes. It was a bit sudden, but I love how every time an obstacle comes crushing in between them, they still find a way to be together.
Overall, I recommend this to everyone especially if you’re in for a thrill! It’s such a fresh read that will leave you hooked on from the first page.
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Candice tossed her bag on the wood chair by the door and kicked off her shoes. A part of her expected the phone to ring just before it did. The logical part of her mind screamed at her, just let it ring, or unplug the phone. But some sense of morbid curiosity dug at her spine.

She picked up the phone but didn’t say anything. She expected the voice of the little girl again, but that’s not what she heard. This time it was a man, an old man.

“Hello, Candice. Why didn’t you talk to me at the bar, when I called you earlier?”

She was confused yet again. “Who the hell is this?”

“What do you mean? You don’t remember me? I’m glad you told that loser Eddie to beat it. He’s not good enough for you.”

She hung up the phone.

The phone rang again. She answered. “Leave me alone, dammit! If you call back, I’m going to call the cops.” She hung up the phone.

Her thumb was barely off the receiver when it rang again. Reluctantly, she answered again. “What do you want from me? Why are you doing this?”

“I want you, Candice.” This time the voice was sinister, haunting, that of a deranged, cliché, psychopath out for blood. The call ended.

She went into the living room. The phone rang again. This was maddening. She answered the call, prepared to scream, but on the other end was the tra-la-la of a young girl.

“Candy? Are you there?”

Candice could feel her mind twisting into a knot. This was pure insanity.

“Candy, can you come out to play?”

She disconnected the call, and turned off the ringers on her phones. She then turned off her cell and crawled into her bed to get some sleep.

She turned to face him. “He’s right, I can’t let them die. And you don’t want me to let Alexis die either. I have to do this. I have to see if I can save them. Let me at least hear him out and find out what the hell all this is. If I don’t like it, we can walk away.” She turned to face Angus again. “I’m in.”

He smiled and folded his hands. “Well, let the games begin.”

On the next platform, the steel creaked horribly. Something popped and the entire platform moved forward, pulling away from the building. Candice screamed and nearly tumbled over the railing, but Vince managed to get a hand on the waist of her jeans. He kept her from falling a good thirty feet.

The entire fire escape moved again, pitching them forward and sideways. Alexis ran down the ladder in a panic and leapt the last ten feet to the ground. Candice and Vince froze, neither one wanted to move. They both knew a sudden movement would likely tear the heavy steel from the bricks and send them plunging to the ground.

“C’mon!” Alexis yelled from the alley.

Candice swallowed hard, steadied her breath. “What now?”

“Don’t move.”

“I think we’ve established that.”

The window directly below them exploded, and fire reached out towards their feet. The flames were blackening the red bricks, and licking at their legs through the holes in the fire escape.

Vince took her hand. “We need to go, now.”

She met his eyes, nodded.

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