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August 2015 Wrap Up

wrap up

Here is my wrap up post for August which consists of all the books I read during this month as well as some blog updates, books I’m currently reading, and stuff that happened outside of my reading + blogging time.



Yass 10 books! I was planning to read more but once work and school started, I kinda go into a reading slump. I read some amazing books this month and I really enjoyed all of these books except for Adrift. Sorry, Adrift. You weren’t my cup of tea.


If you did not know, I have a new, fun feature on my blog where we can all get to know bibliophiles in the world! It’s called Behind the Books and the idea is to get to know book lovers through an interview with a mix of photography. Sounds like your type? Please feel free to sign up here and I’ll get back to you within 2 weeks!


My summer vacation officially ended this month, but I’m actually not sad at all lol. I was sooo ready to go to school. Being at home most of the time for 3 months SUCKED. So boring… Anyways, I started working this month and I really love it! All of my co-workers are super nice, and I enjoy completing the different tasks they make me do. School is also WAY BETTER than I expected in terms of work load. This is my 1st semester of sophomore year in college and it’s waaay easier than my 2nd semester Freshman year. I’m really surprised and happy at the same time. What’s crazier is that my favorite class this semester is my math class. I HATED math last semester (ew calculus). I’m taking Discrete Math this time and I find it fascinating 😛 (I’m such a nerd lol).

July 2015 Wrap Up

wrap up

Here is my wrap up post for July which consists of all the books I read during this month as well as some blog updates, books I’m currently reading, and stuff that happened outside of my reading + blogging time.



I consider this a pretty successful reading month! I usually read like 3 books per month or even NOTHING so 8 books is awesome! My favorite read would have to be The Percy Jackson series because this is my FIRST TIME binge reading a series (I read Sea of Monsters during the last week of June). My least favorite would be Snow Like Ashes unfortunately. Please let me know how YOUR month was down in the comments!


If you didn’t know, my blog turned 3 years old this month (July 29 to be exact)!!! YASSSS. Because of that, there is a twitter giveaway and a blog giveaway for you guys because you are all amazing and I’m so happy to talk to other book lovers. Also, my summer resolution is going great so far blogging wise because I have been posting 2 blog posts per week and I think I’m actually going to stick with it for a long time since I already scheduled posts for the month of August. *Pats myself on the back*.

School is going to start on August 24th so I might not be on here or Twitter as often. Crossing my fingers I won’t go MIA like last time… I’ll try my best!

As for readathons…I completely failed both of them which were the #Cramathon and the Make Me Read It Readathon hahaha (I saw that coming though).

I’m a VERY moody reader and I just didn’t feel like reading those books, guys. I’m sorry 😦 . I did read 1 book during the #Cramathon which is Snow Like Ashes (mehhhh) and 1 book during the Make Me Read It readathon which is The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall… and it was a fantastic read! I promise I’ll read the books that won the poll during August guys! If not feel free to smack me. Jk.


July was really awesome! I went to California City, Lake Arrowhead, and Big Bear and it was lots of fun! I thought I would get a lot of reading done while traveling BUT NOPE. I only finished 1 book which was The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall. Funny story. The beach house that we stayed in while we were at Lake Arrowhead was really creepy like the asylum in the book so I really felt ALL THE FEELS that the main character was going through. I love reading experiences when it’s like that…when you’re in a similar setting/situation just like the character in the book!

I also signed up for my fall semester classes this month and it was SO STRESSFUL let me tell ya -_-. First of all, I’m an incoming sophomore at college and sophomores get LAST PRIORITY to register for classes (yippeeeee..not). Second, my major is impacted so when I went online to look for classes..THEY WERE ALL FREAKIN CLOSED. I was so pissed and so I called the department and asked them to open more classes and they were like oh we’re low on budget yada-yada-yada and I’m just like why are you enrolling all these students then if you can’t get us classes!?

After a couple of days & refreshing the online page every hour, I got lucky when I saw a new computer science class up and immediately enrolled to that damn class because I want to graduate on time! I don’t even care if the professor is good or not…the struggle to getting into a class is REAL.

Wow that was kind of long. Sorry guys, but that’s what basically happened to me during July…reading, blogoversary, vacations, and not taking my eyes off of my college’s website to get into classes.

Let me know how was YOUR month! Did you do anything exciting or had a hard time signing up for classes like I did? Which books are you currently anticipating?

June 2015 Wrap Up

wrap up

Here is my wrap up post for June which consists of all the books I read during this month as well as some blog updates, books I’m currently reading, and stuff that happened outside of my reading + blogging time.



While I only read 2 books this month, I’m happy to say I loved them both! I flipped through The Sea of Monsters like there was no tomorrow & finished it in 1 day. Clockwork Princess KILLED me *sobs*. That epilogue was so sad yet beautiful. Reviews are coming soon!


Wow I have not done a wrap up post since February of this year! That’s crazy. I’ve been in an on & off blogging + reading slump ever since 2015 started so I’m really sorry for the lack of posts and comments. All I have to say is get ready for my new posts and I promise I’ll interact more in the blogosphere! I also lowered my reading challenge from 115 books to 100 because I don’t think I could read 115, and I am very behind my goal :(.


I am currently reading Newt’s Emerald by Garth Nix and I literally just started reading it so I don’t have much to say yet..


Summer vacation started like a month ago for me and I don’t have school until August 24th 🙂 yay! Also, I’ll be FINALLY taking my (written) driving test on July 6th aaaand I got a job! Yay. I’m very excited because it’s my first job and I’ll be working at my school starting August. I’m really excited and nervous at the same time. Besides that, I’ve been hanging out with my family and friends. My friends and I actually went to the Color Run event and it was so much fun!

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