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February 2015 Wrap Up

wrap up

Here is my wrap up post for February which consists of all the books I read during this month as well as some blog updates, my resolutions, and stuff that happened outside of my reading + blogging time.



Unfortunately, I couldn’t read that many books last month because I was sick and was really busy with school. On the bright side, I LOVED these three books! If you guys have not read them yet, you really should asap. The Night We Said Yes isn’t out yet, but I suggest you get to it once it’s released because it’s a beautiful and sweet contemporary read.


Sadly, I already failed one of my new year’s resolutions hahaha. One of my goals was to post at least 2 times a week, and yeah…I didn’t. But hey, I’m still going strong with my book buying ban though!


So like I said, I was busy the whole month of February. Since the beginning of school, I’ve been having 1-2 projects  A WEEK. *prays for spring break to come faster*. Funny story…in my computer science class, this guy asked our professor “so, when are you gonna stop giving us projects?” and our prof said “you shouldn’t be asking that! You should ask ‘can we have more projects?'” and I was like hell nah xD. I also had to do 2 speeches for my human communications class and write an essay about a gender norm in today’s society for my women & gender studies class. Then, I had a calculus midterm which I probably bombed. So yes, overall it was a crazy month but I’m looking forward to reading more books during March!

How was everyone’s February? Were you guys debating on that dress too (the white & gold, blue & black dress)? If you didn’t know, the real colors were blue and black, but for the life of me, I could NOT see how it was blue and black! I always saw gold and white.

January 2015 Wrap Up

wrap up

Here is my wrap up post for January which consists of all the books I read during this month as well as some blog updates, my resolutions, and stuff that happened outside of my reading + blogging time.





You guys have to pre-order this one! It is SOO good. 4.5 stars


Meh I don’t recommend this. It was torture! 2 stars












I’ve been doing really good with my new year’s resolutions. If you missed my post where I talked about my 2015 bookish resolutions, click here. So far I’ve only bought 2 books from Book Outlet (that $5 coupon tempted me, okay?). I’m hoping to buy less than 15 books throughout the year so now I can only buy 13 books. As for my tbr pile, I’m doing pretty good with reading the books that are on my Kindle and shelves.

So I was thinking of doing a some sort of bookmark feature on the blog where I create bookmarks and post them up on here. I miss playing around on Photoshop and creating graphics so I thought it would be great to get back on my Photoshop grind and create cool bookmarks to show you guys. I’m also thinking creating book related graphics like avatars, banners, etc. Does it sound like something you would want to see? I also thought of another feature called Recover the Cover where YOU, yes you, will participate in a challenge where we will vote on a cover, then whichever cover gets the most votes, participants will re-make the cover (via Photoshop, drawing, whatever you want) and then I’ll post the entries on the blog and there will be a poll so people can vote on which cover they like. Whoever wins will get a book from The Book Depository. I need your thoughts on this one! Should I launch these features? Would you guys participate in the Recover the Cover feature?


I started school on Jan. 17 and I really like my schedule! I only go to school Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays and I’m taking 5 classes which are Computer Science (we’re learning C++), Calculus I, Women & Gender Studies (online class), History, and Human Communications. So far my most laid back class is History and the class I really don’t like is Human Communications (it’s a 7am class and I hate speeches!). Everything else is in-between. I have a love-hate relationship with my calc class because we only have 2 midterms, 1 final, homework, and a group project (not bad!) but the concept is hard especially since my professor is bleh. Right now we’re learning about the delta-epsilon proofs…do any of y’all understand that? Honestly guys, I miss last semester. This semester I don’t see my friends anymore because some of them only have classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays and when I have class, they have their breaks. So how was January for you? For me it was pretty busy.

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